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SUZUKI SWIFT : It was to be a Japanese car, built in Europe, for car lovers all over the world. ธันวาคม 8, 2009

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SUZUKI เป็นเจ้าตลาดที่อินเดีย และรางวัลที่ Swift ได้มา

No. 1 in Initial Quality Study – JD Power
Total Customer Satisfaction – TNS Study
Car of the Year – BS Motoring
Car of the Year – CNBC Autocar
Best Value for Money Car – CNBC Autocar
Best Design and Styling – CNBC Autocar
Viewer’s Choice – CNBC Autocar
Small Car of the Year – NDTV Profit
Design Car of the Year – BBC Top Gear
Car of the Year – Overdrive
Number one premium compact car in – JD POWER INDIA APEAL STUDY 2007

  • RJC Car of the Year – Automotive Researchers’ & Journalists’ Conference
  • 2005-2006 Car of the Year Japan “Most Fun” – COTY
  • Goof Design Award – Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization
  • Carview of the Year 2005-2006 – Carview

  • Car of the Year 2006 – BIBD the Association of Automotive Journalists

  • Samperit Irish Car of the Year 2006 – Irish Motoring Writers Association
New Zealand:

  • Fairfax AMI Small Car of the Year – AUTOCAR
  • National Business Review Small Car of the Year – The National Business Review

  • 2005 Carsguide Car of the Year – Carsguide
United Kingdom:

  • 2005 Car of the Year – CAR (Automobile Magazine)

  • NST Mastercard Car of the Year 2005 “Small Car” – New Strait Times

  • 2005 CTV COTY “Economical Car” – CCTV
  • Motor Show COTY “Hatchback” – 2005 Shanghai International Motor Show
  • Most Popular Hatchback Car – 4th Changchun Motor Show
  • 2005 Shenzhen Market Car Ranking “Best Design” – Shenzhen Daily
  • 2005 Chengdu Market Car Ranking “Best Design” – Chengdu Economic Daily

  • ING Lease Car of the Year 2005 “Best in Class Economy” – ING Car Lease


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