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MPV ครองตลาด 47.5% ที่อินโดนีเซีย มีนาคม 2, 2010


One of the car vehicles a very attractive by Indonesian consumers are seven-seater family car or MPV, Multi Purpose Vehicle. Refer to GAIKINDO report that received by Indonesia-cars com, seven-seater family car able to sell up to 230,990 units or 47.5% from total automobile industry. This figure exceeds the MPV car sales in 2008 which reached 230K units that only 38% of total cars sales in year 2008 (607K units).

This could be because the cars MPV is compatible with the character of Indonesian consumers. With a passenger capacity that can carry up to seven people, all family members can come together in one car, father, mother, grandma, grandpa, children, and maid. So the family for a walk or just shopping more exciting. Moreover, MPV type vehicle taxes that go two-box category lower than the sedan type vehicle taxes, so the price becomes more affordable. The cars of the best-selling MPV in the national car market include the Toyota Avanza, Kijang Innova, Nissan Grand Livina, and the new car Honda Freed.

Herewith the national auto market by category:

Category Sales 2009 Market Share
City Car 34,773 7.2%
MPV 230,990 47.5%
Sedan 23,176 4.8%
SUV 65,101 13.4%
Double Cabin 11,354 2.3%
Pick Up 59,305 12.2%
Trucks & Buses 61,362 12.6%
Total 486,061 100.0%

Refer to above data of wholesales from car maker to dealers,

และ TOYOTA AVANZA คือรถยนต์ที่มียอดขายสูงสุดในอินโดนีเซีย ตามตารางนี้เลยครับ

For more detail herewith the Top Ten Best Selling Car in 2009:

Rank Model Sales ‘09 Segment Price Range
1 Toyota Avanza 100,065 MPV Rp. 132 to 169.5 million
2 Daihatsu Xenia 43,409 MPV Rp. 111 to 151.3 million
3 Toyota Innova 35,989 MPV Rp. 180 to 286.6 million
4 Honda Jazz 15,713 City Car Rp. 196 to 221.5 million
5 Daihatsu Terios 13,149 SUV Rp. 150 to 188.1 million
6 Toyota Rush 12,965 SUV Rp. 186 to 209.3 million
7 Suzuki APV 12,555 MPV Rp. 128 to 169.5 million
8 Honda CRV 10,110 SUV Rp. 342 to 379.0 million
9 Nissan Grand Livina 10,028 MPV Rp. 164 to 241.5 million
10 Honda Freed 8,900 MPV Rp. 237 to 257.0 million

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